Become my Twitter Slaves!

Become my Twitter Slaves! If you haven’t already set up a Twitter account, set it up now. You will set up an amusing or interesting Twitter that will attract other members. Your Twitter can be about sex, humor, your kink, your hobby, sports or anything you have a passion for. Then everyone who follows you or cruises specific hash tags (indicated by #) will be able to read your tweets. You don’t have to use your real name… You can use a discreet “nom de twit”. When you set it up, follow me on Twitter.  Make sure your Twitter homepage looks cool by taking a few minutes to choose a theme, load an icon or photo, etc. Nothing looks more lame than a default Twitter theme that hasn’t been set up.  You can even set up a Twitter account “devoted” to me, but not impersonating me.  

Social media exposure is more important than ever to gain visibility for me, your Mistress! You will tweet as often as possible, preferably every day or nite. I know you have a few minutes every 24/7 to post one tweet. 

You will build a following on Twitter and then promote me to all of your followers. Twitter is a visual medium not just a micro-blogging platform, so posting photos or memes is eye-catching.  This should be just one of your top priorities as one of my devotees. Example, I have a Twitter slave who is a sports fanatic, he tweets about sports and has built a primarily male following. He then intersperses promo tweets about me, his Femdom Goddess, and we also exchange public messages right on his Twitter feed. 

My Twitter slaves must do at least one of the following actions to make me happy:

  1.  Like all of my Tweets
  2. Retweet my Tweets to your followers
  3. Promote me on your Twitter feed





Niteflirt Pay to Views

This is a feature on one of my most popular Pay to Views or rather Gay to Views on Niteflirt. I first developed a Gay Brainwashing two level plan to Gay Brainwash men into becoming ultra faggots. As a caveat, I warn men it’s irreversible. Now, by popular request I developed an even faster way to go gay, in only 24 hours! Everyone wants instant gratification and my InstaGAY PTV will give you fag wannabe’s just that. You will turn gay in 24 hours and there is no way back to straight! I always warn guys about my InstaGAY plan that my sexual reprogramming is powerful and cannot be undone.

Gay Mind-Bending

I have learned mind-bending techniques while studying brainwashing, erotic hypnosis and mind control and have employed them to the max to compress the amount of time it takes to go gay and stay gay, as in gay forever. If you are bi-curious or enjoy mind-warping assignments to “twist your mental”, you need to buy this PTV on Niteflirt and go gay in 24 hours for me!

Forced Bi Niteflirt Pay to View

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Inflatables and Looner Fetish

Inflatables Fetish

Many men have a fetish for blow-up dolls and inflatable sex toys including inflatable pool toys. Men want to hump them or oil them up and slide all over them. The men I’ve spoken with during a Niteflirt phone sex call about their inflatable toys fetish own various blow-up dolls or mermaids or even torpedoes (phallic!)

fetish hypno gif

Looner Fetish

This fetish is known as the looner fetish and got its name from balloon fetishists, meaning people who are aroused by balloons. There are balloon fetishists who love balloons and would never “hurt” them and there are those who love popping them or seeing them popped in video clips or live on cam. There are online forums and Fetlife communities devoted to the inflatables fetish and looner fetishes. Looners who enjoy playing with the larger inflatables also report tactile attraction to the smooth toys and a love for the smell of the vinyl or composition of the toy. If you love inflatables and have an inflatables fetish that falls within approval for a Niteflirt phone sex call, then ring me up to talk about your fetish or to play with your toy. Maybe you have a waterproofed smartphone and can call me from your swimming pool with your torpedo!

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Humiliation Jerk Junkies

Femdom Humiliation

Here is a Femdom Humiliation Assignment for jerk junkies just like you. You must have a big fat meaty dildo at least eight inches long and thick. If you don’t have one, then head to the nearest sex store and buy one or order one online. Preferably a monster black dildo, but a white one will work. First, size up the dildo to your tiny thimble dick and feel the humiliation knowing that you don’t size up for women. If you were holding your dick and the dildo together and a woman had a choice of which she wanted to fuck or suck, it wouldn’t be your micro mutation. And if it isn’t a size issue, it’s a performance issue such as you’re a quick draw mcgraw and cum in 2 seconds or you’re a limp dick wimp. And please don’t ignore the glaring fact that you might also be a loser, sissy, fag or cuckold.

Dick Whipped

Now beat your face with that dildo hard. Beat it hard. Smack your lips and tongue, too. Now beat your balls with that meat monster, realizing you’re not a real man whatsover compared to that huge cock. Your little champagne cork cockette will be hard and ready to pop as you’re getting dick whipped. Now rub that big dong up and down your dick shaft. It’s time for a swordfight! En garde as the French say during fencing matches. But in this outmatched swordfighting duel there is no question: Who will win? I know you won’t, you dickless loser! And here’s your loser prize! Jerk off onto that big meaty dildo and get ready to slurp some cum right off that XL cock. It’s practice for you to becum a dick licker and cum lapper.

This is the only way you will be allowed to cum, if you suck-cessfully complete my Humiliation Assignment for Jerk Junkies.

Buy this Humiliating Infographic Game that I designed! Click Now!

Loser Humiliation Online

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