Power and Money are the New Female Orgasms

I laugh when a caller asks me if I’m playing with my pussy while making him gay, hypnotizing him or draining his wallet. “Sure, let me get out my vibrator while I rape your credit cards.” {Eye roll} Men are so phallocentric. They think that a Femdom must react to such plundering with her pussy. Not realizing that dominant women aren’t weak like men, who react to all stimuli in the universe with their erections or lack thereof. Erections are like twitching antennae. Sometimes these antennae even twitch collectively, as if a hive sexual mind ruled over men’s sexual organs. Men are not just weak genetically with their split XY chromosomal makeup, but weak because their erections cause them to lose optimal blood circulation level within their brain. Thus, causing them to have regional hypotension in that organ. Lack of blood flow, lack of oxygen. Weak…

Women are superior. We rise above the physiological burden of being ruled by our genitals. We think straight. We take advantage of men in their weakened state. We don’t go on a jerk-a-thon orgasm quest to porn. We go on a quest for power and money from men who are aroused and thus, weak. Power and money are the new female orgasms. These things excite us. We don’t masturbate and then lose interest in our goals as soon as we climax. We aren’t a victim to our twitching sex organ. We use power to manipulate men. We deny men pussy and power which only drives them more crazed to be dominated.

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