Become my Twitter Slaves!

Become my Twitter Slaves! If you haven’t already set up a Twitter account, set it up now. You will set up an amusing or interesting Twitter that will attract other members. Your Twitter can be about sex, humor, your kink, your hobby, sports or anything you have a passion for. Then everyone who follows you or cruises specific hash tags (indicated by #) will be able to read your tweets. You don’t have to use your real name, duh… You can use a discreet “nom de tweet”. When you set it up, follow me on Twitter. You can also post pictures if you don’t have time to write something or if you have writer’s block. Twitter is also a visual medium, so posting photos is eye-catching. And social media exposure is more important than ever to gain visibility for your Femdom! You will tweet as often as possible, preferably every day or nite. I know you have a few minutes every 24/7 to take time to tweet.

You will build a following on Twitter and then promote me to all of your followers. This should be just one of your top priorities as one of my devotees. Example, I have a Twitter slave who is a sports fanatic, he tweets about sports and has built a primarily male following. He then intersperses promo tweets about me, his Femdom Goddess and we also exchange public messages right on Twitter. Make sure your homepage looks cool by taking a few minutes to choose a theme, load an icon or photo, etc. Nothing looks more lame than a default Twitter theme that hasn’t been set up.

Sara's Playroom Twitter

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  • yesmistress says:

    yes Mistress Sara, I will become your Twitter slave

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