Orgasm Control

Addicted to Masturbating

Let’s talk about Orgasm Control for chronic masturbators.  No, I don’t want you to stop auditioning your finger puppet.  I want you to become even more addicted to masturbating.  However, you must only edge to my photos or Femdom, forced bi, gay or interracial porn to recondition your brain to be more addicted to me and to the sexual fate that I decide for you.

Ruin Your Orgasms

And to make you even hornier, I will force you to ruin your orgasms while you are masturbating, so your pathetic slim jim meat jerky stick spits out some goo, but you will not be allowed to drain your balls.  In fact, your nuts will fill up and there will be so much pressure in them, you will ache with every step.  Every time you sit down, you will be reminded that you have been edging to my beauty and perfection or the mindwarping porno you have been ordered to stare at… and then the Grande Finale?  The big bitch curtain drops before the climax and you must abandon stroking right before you jizz.  Your dick will twitch and you will leak out some dick snot as if you had an annoying cold with a runny nose.  Time to get rid of that waste material and lick it up.  Now do it again!  And again!

Blue Balls

Don’t think this won’t be your jerk junkie fate, loser!  I have even made joy-toy jerkers dye their balls easter egg blue with food dye and walk around with blue balls and hope that real men notice their pathetic little blue nut sack in the gym locker room and laugh.

Cock Control

I will decide if and when you will be permitted to have a real mind-blowing and ball-blowing orgasm.  Until then you will be under total cock control (if I can even use the word cock to describe the gizz gizzard between your legs), orgasm control and mind control all wrapped up together by your Femdominant Mistress Sara.

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  • submissive slutboi says:

    I worship you Femdom Sara !!!

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