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Femdom Pet Peeves


Here are my Top 10 Femdom Pet Peeves!

1. Topping from the bottom
2. Promising Tributes and NOT delivering
3. Misusing the word dominate in lieu of dominant: “You’re so dominate!”
4. Hanging up the phone abruptly after orgasm – so disrespectful
5. Worshiping other Dommes while claiming exclusivity to me
6. “I bet you can’t dominate me”
7. Expecting me to remember you when you’ve done nothing to deserve to be remembered
8. Emails, DMs, etc., without Tips or Tributes
9. Repeated requests to meet in real time
10. Asking if I’m available for a call, when my Available status button is ON

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Inflatables and Looner Fetish

Inflatables Fetish

Many men have a fetish for blow-up dolls and inflatable sex toys including inflatable pool toys. Men want to hump them or oil them up and slide all over them. The men I’ve spoken with during a Niteflirt phone sex call about their inflatable toys fetish own various blow-up dolls or mermaids or even torpedoes (phallic!)

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Looner Fetish

This fetish is known as the looner fetish and got its name from balloon fetishists, meaning people who are aroused by balloons. There are balloon fetishists who love balloons and would never “hurt” them and there are those who love popping them or seeing them popped in video clips or live on cam. There are online forums and Fetlife communities devoted to the inflatables fetish and looner fetishes. Looners who enjoy playing with the larger inflatables also report tactile attraction to the smooth toys and a love for the smell of the vinyl or composition of the toy. If you love inflatables and have an inflatables fetish that falls within approval for a Niteflirt phone sex call, then ring me up to talk about your fetish or to play with your toy. Maybe you have a waterproofed smartphone and can call me from your swimming pool with your torpedo!

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