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What is the difference between a kink and a fetish?


A fetish is similar to a kink. A kink is similar to a fetish. However, the difference is that a fetish is a sexual fixation. A fixation where someone cannot become aroused without indulging in that fixation in some way, shape or form… Think about a foot fetish as an example. A foot fetishist would absolutely need to gaze at a woman’s feet, touch them or think about feet in order to get erect. A foot kink would be a pursuit where a man likes to play with a woman’s feet among other sexual pursuits, but pretty feet are not required for him to become or remain aroused.

AleishaKxo is a sexy British Chaturbate performer who indulges both fetishes and kinks. She knows how the sexual minds of men work. She especially indulges foot and ass fetishes since these fetishes are so popular with her admirers. This UK Milf shows ass and feet during her live webcam broadcasts to titillate her fans. As far as kinks that Aleisha enjoys, she likes to spank herself and deep throat dildos. Jerk Off Instructions, known as JOI in cam and phone sex parlance, is also a pursuit that Aleisha enjoys.

Aleisha is a switch. Being a switch is the best of both worlds in BDSM! As an example, when she wants to dominate underhung men, she will deliver mean small penis humiliation.

Sultry Aleisha has an erotic voice which she uses to full effect when she does ASMR during her live cam shows. Trance out to her ASMR vox effects and feel the power of her vocal prowess take over your mind and body.


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